At a word ” sapphire “, in ideas, as a rule, there is an image of a stone of dark blue color. However, sapphires are not always the same. And this exception is absolutely charming. Sapphires, differing from the blue shades (pink, yellow, purple, green, as well as purple and lilac) are called fantasy sapphires. Pink, lilac and violet sapphires are unique stones that are mined primarily in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Vietnam and Myanmar (Burma). Pink sapphires differ in color saturation: from almost colorless light with pink flowering, to a saturated pink or pink-violet. Bright pink and red sapphires are one of the most expensive after the blue, their cost can be measured in tens of thousands of dollars per carat for large stones without refining.

Pink-orange sapphire is called Padparadscha, which means “lotus flower”. Such sapphires are one of the rarest. In small quantities, they are mined in Sri Lanka, less often in Madagascar and in Tanzania. Sapphire Padparadscha must necessarily have both orange and pink shades of color. This color is compared with the color of the lotus with the setting sun. Among gemological laboratories and trade organizations today there is no consensus, where there are clear boundaries between the sapphires of Padparadscha, pink and orange sapphires. Therefore, one and the same stone can obtain different names in different laboratories. The most valuable stones are considered to be without inclusions, they are clean, but they are extremely rare. Ungraded sapphires Padparadscha are stones for true connoisseurs of precious stones.

The price of pink sapphires increases with the intensification of the shade, which is natural for stones with a fantasy color. Sapphires pink and purple – a rare rarity, due to their excellent physical qualities and beautiful appearance, these sapphires are suitable for any decoration. Some pink sapphires are heated to enhance color. Such stones have a lower price compared to unheated ones. Lovers in this stone – pink sapphire, will be able to buy it in our online store at the current market price.

The cost of sapphire Padparadscha is the highest among all fancy sapphires. This is due to the great rarity of this color among natural sapphires, and also with its beauty. Fantasy sapphires can rightly be attributed to one of the most beautiful gemstones. We can always order and buy any kind of colored sapphires. And also you can order products of any complexity, be it rings, earrings, cufflinks or pendants.

Buy pink sapphire and sapphire Padparadscha online, by placing a purchase through the order form on the site. Photo, video, price and description are indicated for each stone. This information will help you buy a pink sapphire, which you like. Our specialists are ready to provide any additional information on the pink sapphires and sapphires of Padparadscha presented in the catalog on request – call and write to us. You can also come to our show-room in Kahawatta,Ratnapura where you can buy a pink sapphire, after having examined it live.

In a jewelry with pink sapphire or sapphire Padparadscha pleases the eye, no doubt, the stone itself. Jewelry with sapphire Padparadscha are beautiful, magnificent, they are majestic and mysterious. The product with a sapphire Padparadscha – a luxury for envy of others. If you want to make a gift to yourself or your relatives in the form of a ring with pink sapphire, then Sampath Gems will be happy to help with the design and make a product of any complexity to order, the price of such jewelry will be much lower than that of the world brands. Our specialists will take into account all your wishes and create a unique piece of jewelry with pink sapphire or sapphire Padparadscha, which will replenish the family collection and will be inherited. Pink sapphires look great in elegant rings, framed with diamonds.

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