Sampath Gems offers the best precious stones from around the world. We work only with natural stones and guarantee their authenticity. All offered stones are carefully selected for quality.

We constantly looks through a large number of stones in search of the best of them. We visit the world centers of trade in precious stones, as well as the regions of their extraction and processing. This allows us to find the most interesting offers for you.

Our mission
We want to teach you how to love stones the way we like them. Bring joy and pleasure to the process of choice, so that you feel pride and satisfaction from the perfect purchase. For us, this is not the limit, but the starting point, which sets a high level of quality of goods and services. If you want to choose a stone with a skilful facet, sparkling color, if you want to know everything about your stone, we will do everything possible and even more.

The main activity of Sampath Gems is the search for precious stones to order . With our help, you can become the owner of a large high-quality or rare colored stone. We are treated by connoisseurs of fine jewelry, professional jewelers, collectors of precious stones, as well as people who view unique precious stones as an investment object.

In Sampath Gems you can also make custom jewelry that will take into account all your wishes. One or several unique ornaments created in Sampath Gems can even become the basis of your family collection, which in our days again becomes very relevant.
In the catalog of our online store buy you can see the stones that we have available at the moment. These stones can be purchased remotely. If you want to see a favorite stone live, then by prior arrangement you can meet with our specialist in the show room or in another place convenient for you.

Sections of the site also contain various educational information that can help you make the right choice. It is important for us that our clients can learn more about the amazing world of precious stones. Especially for expanding your horizons in the field of stones, we created on our site a section “Encyclopedia” where we regularly share interesting facts, stories, descriptions of stones with you.