Alexandrite is a precious stone, a kind of chrysoberyl mineral. This is one of the rarest and most expensive stones in the world. It was first discovered in 1830 in Russia, in the Urals. The name was given to Alexandrite on the occasion of the coming of age of the future tsar of Russia, Alexander II. The main feature of this jewelry stone is its ability to change its color depending on the type of lighting.

Natural alexandrites with daylight (white) light have greenish shades of color, and under the light of an incandescent lamp (yellow illumination) their color changes to shades of red. The most highly valued jewelry specimens, which have the best effect of a color change, and these colors themselves are closer to pure green and red without additional shades. The cost of the best samples can be compared with the cost of diamonds, this is thousands and tens of thousands of dollars per carat. But let’s pay attention to the fact that almost all natural alexandrites, even very expensive ones, are dark. Large finds of good quality, due to their extreme rarity, now have great investment appeal.

Natural chrysoberyl without the effect of color change is presented on the international market as an independent jewelery stone “chrysoberyl”. The color of the actual chrysoberyl stone can be yellow, greenish-yellow, brownish-yellow or green. Natural chrysoberyls with the effect of the cat’s eye in Russia have the name “tsimofan”, and abroad – “cat’s eye”. The cymophane stone is very highly valued in Asian countries. The cost of chrysoberyl strongly depends on its color. Highly valued bright yellow and light green-yellow specimens. Due to the strong shine and light “acidity” in color, these stones look very attractive. A chrysoberyl honey-colored cat’s eye is very much appreciated all over the world.

Actually, chrysoberyl and its precious variety alexandrite is usually not subjected to any kind of ennobling. The properties of this mineral are such that, as a result of heat treatment, its color can not be improved – it does not change. The purity of the stone is also usually not improved by any methods.

Choose and buy natural alexandrite on the website of Sampath Gems. In our online store in the catalog of alexandrite and chrysoberyl, only the best specimens are available for sale at reasonable prices. Here you can buy real Ural alexandrites, as well as from Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Brazil. Note that it is difficult to buy alexandrite of the Urals today because of a very small number of offers on the market. And their cost is very high. Price sample high quality can reach several tens of thousands of dollars per carat.

To buy alexandrite and buy a natural stone of chrysoberyl without changing colors, you can use the order form in our catalog. Each alexandrite and chrysoberyl in the catalog has a photo, price, video and a detailed description. These data will help you make the right choice and buy the natural alexandrite (or chrysoberyl, cat’s eye) of your dream. Any additional information about any stone we can also provide upon your request. You can also visit our office in Moscow where you can see them live, and our experts will help you make the right choice, which will inform you about the peculiarities of any stone.

Ornaments with natural alexandrite can be a good way to save savings. Just choose jewelry with natural alexandrite larger than 3 carats, which have a strong color change. The price of such products from year to year only grows. Buy jewelry with this rare stone in Russia is not easy, such products are usually made to order. A ring with this mineral in gold of white or yellow color is an excellent gift that can become the basis of a family collection. Such a ring can often be seen framing round diamonds.

Gold earrings with alexandrite, as well as necklaces, pendants and pendants are rarely found on sale. The difficulty of buying earrings is that it is very difficult to find the same pair of high-quality stones weighing over 2 carats. Therefore, earrings with natural alexandrite – this is a very big rarity. Nowadays golden men’s rings and rings with stones changing color are becoming popular. But again such products are made to order. You can make a ring or earrings with any chrysoberyl in Sampath Gems. We will consider all your wishes and make a jewelry that you will like.

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