RUBY / 红宝石

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Ruby is a precious stone, a red variety of corundum mineral. Ruby is by right considered the most expensive red stone after a red diamond. The cost of the best bright red rubies at auctions can reach one million dollars per carat. Among all the colored stones rubies are the most expensive. In Russia, people are accustomed to seeing in jewelry made in the USSR, not natural rubies, but synthetic ones, which are not compared to the price of real rubies. Particularly attractive are natural rubies in the form of heart.

More details about the properties, deposits and history of rubies
The best ruby ​​color is a bright red without additional shades, it has the commercial name “pigeon blood”. Unheated rubies with this color, having Burmese origin, are most appreciated. If the red ruby ​​has purple or orange shades, it greatly reduces its cost. It should be noted that large rubies of good quality are extremely rare, so if you are offered to buy a large ruby ​​with good transparency, then be sure to require expert advice from an authoritative gemological laboratory on this stone, which would confirm its natural origin and contain information on the ennobling of this stone.

The red ruby ​​often has poor transparency, such stones can be shaped like a cabochon. Rubies can have an interesting optical phenomenon – the effect of asterism (“stellar”). In ruby ​​cabochons with this effect one can observe a light 6-ray star gliding along the surface. Rubies with this effect can be called star or star rubies. Such stones are highly valued.


Choose and buy a natural red ruby ​​at the company Sampath Gems. In our catalog of rubies, we select only the best quality copies. Ruby – the most expensive of all colored stones. The price of a good quality ruby ​​is measured in thousands of dollars per carat. The cost of unheated rubies can be 1.5-3 times more than for hot rubies. A glass-filled rubies are thousands of times cheaper than rubies ennobled by standard heat treatment.

It is worth noting that the prices for items with rubies in jewelry stores in Russia are often relatively low. This is due to the fact that rubies of the lowest quality are used there, or they are rubies filled with lead glass. The real price of such “rubies” is only 1-25 dollars per carat. Because of such a serious difference in the price of rubies of different categories, it is very desirable that the sale and purchase of rubies is accompanied by an expert opinion on the ruby. Here you can buy natural red rubies from Burma (Myanmar), Mozambique and other countries, indicating their origin and with a mark of ennobling. Also there is an opportunity to buy natural star rubies at an affordable price.

You can buy a ruby ​​stone by making an order remotely. Video, photo, price of ruby ​​stone and description are given for each specimen. For all rubies shown in the catalog, we can advise you – write and call us. By an agreement with our employees, you can also visit our showroom in Moscow, where you can choose and buy a ruby ​​by viewing all the stones live.


Ornaments with rubies are one of the most expensive. Since ancient times jewelery with rubies has been associated with power and luxury. The bright red ruby ​​attracts both women and men. The price of jewelery with ruby ​​has a very wide range. Simple gold rings with a ruby ​​of small size and medium quality can cost several hundred dollars. But products with large rubies of high quality can cost tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most often make rings and earrings with a ruby ​​in gold yellow, white gold is used a little less often. You can see a ring of gold with a ruby ​​in the center and diamonds around, or without them. The most popular jewelry with ruby ​​bright red color. A ring with a natural ruby ​​of high quality and with minimal ennobling or without it is almost impossible to find on the Russian jewelry market, it is a very rare and expensive treat.

Gold earrings with ruby, as well as bracelets, necklaces, pendants and pendants with high quality rubies larger than 2 carats are also extremely difficult to buy. Usually such items made of ruby ​​are made to order. The main thing here is to find high-quality rubies. The complexity of earrings with rubies is that it is very difficult to find an ideal pair of quality stones. Nowadays men’s rings and rings (prints) with ruby ​​are in demand. Products with rubies make many world jewelry brands: Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Graff, Bulgari and others. Buy or customize a ring or earrings with a ruby ​​can also be in Sampath Gems. We will consider all your wishes and make jewelry with ruby, which you will like!

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