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Description of stone spinel

Spinel is a beautiful jewelry stone with a wide palette of colors. Forms an independent group of minerals. The chemical composition of the stone spinel is close to corundum: rubies and sapphires, but differs from them by an isotropic structure. Spinels of red color used to be taken for rubies, and it was only at the beginning of the 20th century that the truth became clear, when the properties of stone spinel began to be distinguished from the properties of ruby ​​by gemmological methods.

The color of spinel is very diverse: pink, red, orange, blue, blue, purple, black. Sometimes there are stones of colorless, yellow and green color. Stone coloring spinel depends on the content of impurities of various elements. The most valuable is the bright red spinel. Also very highly prized rare cobalt spinel neon-blue color. But in faceted form such spinel rarely exceeds a couple of carats.

A large spinel of jewelery quality is rare and therefore especially valuable. The high hardness of the stone spinel (about 8 on the Mohs scale) allows using it in any kind of jewelry.

The properties that make the stone spinel now competing with rubies and sapphires for beauty and value are: the presence of bright colors, strong shine, rarity. It is worth noting separately and such a rare now property of spinel, as the lack of ennobling in most cases. But one must bear in mind that there is also a synthetic spinel, which is grown by several methods. And it happens that synthetic spinel stone is distinguished from natural stone quite difficult. Therefore, if there is a suspicion that an expensive spinel of good color can be a synthetic spinel, it is better to make an expert opinion on this stone in an independent gemological laboratory.


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