Natural star sapphire is a fabulously beautiful stone. In its properties, star sapphire is a kind of corundum mineral. Such sapphires can also be called star sapphires. In English, their name is “star sapphire”. The peculiarity of these stones is that they possess a beautiful optical property – the effect of asterism. The stones with this effect have the form of a cabochon. At the same time, a light 6-ray star can be observed on the cabochon surface, which slides over the surface of the sapphire while rocking. This effect is due to the presence of oriented needle inclusions of rutile in sapphires.

Note that these minerals are not accepted to be heat treated, otherwise the thinnest rutile needles can dissolve from heating. The color of star sapphires (see photo) is usually blue, blue, pink, purple, gray. There are also black star sapphires. The so-called “old sapphires” of black color were one of the favorite stones of Elvis Presley. The most expensive starry sapphires have a saturated blue color, and the star’s rays are even and bright. For all its beauty and uniqueness, a star sapphire stone usually costs less than transparent specimens in faceting.

Buy star sapphire can be in our online store Sampath Gems. The cost of starry corundum of low quality is usually not high – $ 100-500 per carat. By the way, the price of star sapphire blue color weighing more than 10 carats of high quality can already be in the range of 1000-5000 dollars per carat. We very carefully approach the choice of stones that fall into our catalog of star sapphires. Here you can buy star sapphire from Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand and other countries.

You can make a purchase of starry stone remotely, through the order form of our online store. The price of star sapphire, photos, videos, as well as a detailed description will help you choose and buy the sapphire you were looking for. Note that the star is observed on the surface of the stone only with a bright point source of light. We are ready to answer any of your questions on the copies presented on the website. Visit our showroom in Kahawatta,Ratnapura, where you can buy a star sapphire, first seeing him live.

There is an opinion that jewelry with star sapphire are rare. They practically do not meet on a free sale. Products with star sapphire are often made to order. They usually wear a piece character, emphasizing the original taste of their owner. The most popular are rings with star sapphires of blue and blue. Ideal is black starry corundum in rings and rings for men. Did you know that earrings with star sapphires are very rare? This is due to the fact that finding a similar pair of cabochons with the same stellarity is not an easy task. Order making and buying earrings or rings with star sapphires can be in Sampath Gems – we will take into account all your wishes!

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