Yellow Sapphire / 黄色蓝宝石


Did you know that in second place in popularity after the blue sapphiresAre the yellow ones? The properties of the yellow sapphire are such that it can be outwardly very similar to the more expensive yellow diamond. Additional similarity between them is achieved by using special types of fences, which are usually cut diamonds. Yellow copies of corundum are sometimes called golden sapphires or solar, and not for nothing, because a well-cut specimen has very piercing and sparkling flares. The shades of the stone can be different: from pale to bright. Many experts recognize that some of the best specimens are mined in Sri Lanka. Especially highly appreciated samples with a bright color, which were not subjected to ennobling in order to improve the saturation of color. Heat-treated light minerals are least appreciated. The price for unheated yellow corundums can be 1.5-2 times more than for heat-treated ones.
Quite rare orange sapphires with a natural color, without ennobling. Such stones can sometimes be mined in Sri Lanka, Madagascar and Tanzania. By the way, orange samples of corundum, the color of which is obtained as a result of enrichment with beryllium diffusion, are very often found on the world market. They do not represent a special value, because This is, in fact, an imitation.
Green sapphires are no less amazing stones that are not found often. Corundum with a saturated green color is almost impossible to find in products. Often they have a rather weak color saturation and can appear almost gray, or the greenish zones in them alternate with yellow and blue. Such zonal green sapphires can be mined in Thailand, Australia and Madagascar.
Like other varieties, yellow, orange and green sapphires have excellent properties: high hardness, excellent shine and a variety of shades.

In our catalog you can find and buy yellow, orange and green sapphire of good color and purity. Gemologists of the company carefully select each stone, taking care of the high level of the gems represented. The price for them depends heavily on the weight, color, purity of the stones, and also on the factor of refinement. Most gems in our catalog are unregulated. Here you can see and buy yellow sapphire, and corundums of other colors, mainly from Sri Lanka and Madagascar.
The minerals presented in our catalog have an attractive price. Buy our colored stones can be remotely by making a purchase through the catalog order form. For each lot indicated its price, a detailed description, there is a photo and video. We can give any additional information on all the yellow sapphires presented in the catalog – call or email us. If before you buy, you want to see the lot live, then come to our office in Moscow where you can buy yellow, orange or green sapphire, our specialist will help you, telling about all the nuances of each lot.

Unfortunately, jewelry with yellow, green and orange sapphires is little known in Russia. Nevertheless, their bright, cheerful colors attract many jewelry lovers all over the world. The most popular are rings with bright yellow sapphires. Other colored corundums in products are less common. Slightly less popular jewelry is earrings with yellow sapphires, to meet such a product in jewelry stores is a rarity. Pick a large identical pair for earrings is not easy, because the stones are often different in shape and shade.

Such jewelry is made by some famous jewelry brands. For example, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co, Dior, Cartier and others. Any piece of jewelry can be made according to your order in Sampath Gems. We will consider all your wishes and create a product that will please many years.

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